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Differences in desiginig details of Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani?

ralphie is more efficient in ways and more casual too, but vintage, with a slash of elegantt
you can check the symbols too. and Ralph also designs children's clothes and you can tell that for girls he goes "school girl chick" and guys "collars,khaki shorts,cali beach dude"
armani has more casual yet VERY vintage effects~ on white button downs there are blaCK shimmering letters, patterns in plain, stripes just by fabric, and none for kids~ its all for teens and up
the major difference is that by just looking at the designs for Ralph, you can tell that anybbody with the right looks and personality from ANY AGE would fit perfectly into it, but armani, you have to find the perfect shade for your skin tone, and style that matches you
check out "Alicia" from the clique movie
her Ralph style is hittiing it off~ suede hat, to striped double wrapped scarves, baby sky high coat
check out "rachel" from sydney white
her armani style shows you exactly lyk its made
just lyk a mannequin
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