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Can a preteen girl get pregnant when a male pulls down his pants and his underwear and humps a preteen girl with her pants and underwear pulled up?

I find it highly unlikely as sperm cannot live long outside the human body and add to that the barrier of your panties. Human sperm are designed to be released within the woman's vagina which provides proper temperature and moistness.

What girls wear underwear anymore? That's out now!

It is unlikely due to the fact that the males sperm "SEMEN" has to travel up into the womans vagina and given the case of pants and underwear pulled up pregnancy is not likely at all.

It would be most unlikely.

The male's semen has to enter the female's vagina for pregnancy to have any chance of occurring.
Semen is not going to get through her pants and underwear.
it would be unlikely unless he stuck his penis down her pants and moved it around enough so that the sperm would get into her vagina and why would the guy pull down his pants and underware and the girl leave her pants on...YOU CANT HAVE SEX LIKE THAT!!!!!!!
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