Clothing Answers

Can a guy wear any girls clothing?

yes it is ok im 13 and i still wear girl clothing as i am typing i am wearing panties a bra skinny jeans and a girly top and im stright so i thinkit is ok

no its not ok because if you do your a cross dresser and that's a MAJOR turn off so take my advice don't wear girls clothes... and that's coming from a girl!

im a boy and i wear it.

my howl family and girlfriend like it so go learn what your talking about
ok u need to go to counseling so bring ur WHOLE family and your girlfriend. does ur girlfriend even know you crossdress? and of course your family is ok with it most families are ok if they find out. here is the CORRECT definition of crossdressing: Cross-dressing is the wearing of clothing and other accoutrement commonly associated with the other gender within a particular society.
I think i know what Im talking about.

enyway you make it sound like you know it all pah eddy izzard is a cross dresser and does enyone have a problem with him?? i rest my case

and who says there doing it to impress girls maby thay cant be f'ed to be manly?

and enyway who are you to make are decisions if we want to cross-dress that's are decision to make it has its neys and yas but children who havent been allowed to alot have becom alcaholics and attempted suiside so maby you should think before you say its wrong

Me grow up? Ha! never! but that matter is besides the point. is just your confession that I know what I'm talking about and you don't. just admit it.and so ur admitting ur a crossdresser? that's good i see ur on the road to recovery. !
Hots dresses