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Are uggs good?

Well, if you are ten mostly likely no. I think it is stupid when you buy boots for about 150 dollars and then they don't fit. If you are rich sure. But if you live in New Jersey it is stupid because you're not in Vermont where you need them. I have EMUS, and I am perfectly fine with them. They are just like uggs expect cheaper.

YES! Uggs are AMAZING! Trust me the 150$ is worth it! They are so warm and comfty and cute

I agree I am only 11 and I bought with my own money already 2 pairs and I don't regret it! I love my Uggs they are really trendy and warm. You should get a pair if you don't have a pair
i absolutely LOVE my uggs even though i bought them with my own money and im 13 its so worth it!!! but be careful choosing your size because the fur stretches out and the get a little more roomy

Umm well DUH! Of course their so cute and i have the grey bailey buttoned one and the classic chesnut one and i always wear them around the house and I'm 11 and like uggs is like the newest style so i think you should get them!
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