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Are skinny jeans healthy for your legs?

Yes and no. Skinny jeans aren't that good to your legs because, they are made to fit your legs so they rub off all the moisture on your legs and skin which gives you dry skin. It's not just skinny jeans that do that all types of jeans do that.But you can wear skinny jeans without all that dry skin,if you are going to wear your skinny's the day before you are put moisture cream on your legs right after you take a shower (make sure your legs are a bit damp not soaking) then go to bed.In the morning you can put cream on if you want to (resaults won't be the same if you don't put cream on in the morning) then let the cream soak into your skin so you won't be able to take any cream off then put your jeans on.When you change into diffrent clothes like p.js then take a shower (if you want you don't have to) then put the cream on and let it sink into your skin again so you should have smooth legs if they aren't then try putting more cream on if it still isn't smooth get melkfelt (calendula) which is the best cream for dry skin.
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