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Are jack wills clothes made Britain?

Yes They are, that's why on the tags, they say fabulously british. They are made in Salcombe. =D
NO there actually not, if you look on the label there actually made in Portugal, the HQ is salcombe, get your facts straight.
Actually they've moved their production to China as you will see on the labels, It now costs them £1.20 to make a shirt or there abouts. HQ are in London, but the first shop was in Salcombe on 22 forestreet, they emphasise this in their products as Jack Wills is marketed as being a 'fabulously British brand' and by associating themselves with Salcombe and general preppyness it allows them to fool the british public into paying a huge mark up. I used to work there, hence the info.

Actually, the truth is somewhere in between... Like all quality high street brands, they source their products from all over the world...some things are indeed made in England, but not by Jack Wills themselves - they outsource production to various manufacturers. Some things are made in China - but nowhere near as many as other high street brands.
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