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Are gladiator sandals still popular for fall?

They are very popular and have been back in fashion again for at least two years - obviously proving more popular in the summer and hot weather. There are many different styles of gladiators sandals - but the common theme between them is the crossover strapping. There are availabe in ankle height, calf height and some are knee-length. They go back to Roman times and have become very popular again in the last few years after celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow took to wearing them. They are available for men and women. Gladiator Sandals are stocked by most big name footwear stores and variations of traditional gladiator sandals are gladiator shoes and gladiator boots. They are considered to be very durable and comfortable, particularly in hot weather when their 'airy' style keeps the feet cool. People seem to be split into two camps where gladiator sandals are concerned, with people either loving or loathing them.
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