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Are Ralph Lauren polo shirts made in china authenic?

Yes, they are authentic, but buyer beware. If you go to a Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet store, you will notice all items are made in China. Especially the Classic cut Polo shirts. Compare this to what you find in finer department stores such as Belk, Macy's, etc. The department stores Polo items will almost all be made elsewhere (Peru, El Salvador, India, Sri Lanka). I have had many bad experiences (i.e. shoulders cut narrow by 1.5 in., shirts shorter by up to 2 in., and badly misshapened after 1 or 2 washes) with the Made in China shirts. I steer clear of any Polo made in China. It is well worth the extra $35 to buy higher quality shirts that can be worn for years and hold up over wear 2 or 3 times and are pushed to the back of the closet because they no longer fit. This is coming from a guy with about 30 Polo brand Classic two button solid woven Polos in his closet. They are my wardrobe.
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